Berkeley County Truck Accident Attorney

Was your car hit by a semi? Victims of truck accidents must act quickly. These cases tend to be more time-sensitive than other auto accident cases. Not only are there deadlines that must be met, quick action is necessary simply because the opponent will be moving fast. The insurance company and the trucking company will typically mobilize immediately after a truck accident. The opponent will start building a case right away, and you should too, with the help of a trusted Berkeley County truck accident lawyer.

George B. Bishop, Jr., PA: An Attorney You Can Trust

For more than 25 years, I have been building strong cases on behalf of truck wreck victims. When you enlist me, I will take immediate action to preserve the evidence that will be used to prove your case. I will not let the insurance company or the trucking company destroy evidence such as the driver's log and the black box. If possible, I will make certain that the accident scene is photographed and investigated prior to being cleaned up.

Serious Accidents And Serious Injuries

More often than not, truck accidents result in serious injuries. The sheer size difference between an 18-wheeler and a car means that the driver of the car is more likely to suffer life-changing injuries such as spine injuries and head injuries, possibly leading to paralysis. When I handle these cases, I take great care to understand how much medical care the victim will need, not just in the immediate future, but for the rest of his or her life. I take an aggressive stance as needed to get full compensation.

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