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Is there a distracted driver in your midst?

Have you ever been driving along a South Carolina highway and suddenly realize that your mind has wandered away from the road for a few seconds? Perhaps you were mulling over a recent disagreement you had with your spouse or scrolling through the virtual checklist in your mind regarding several other commitments you still had left to fulfill in your day? No matter what caused you to lose track of thought, it was likely a very disconcerting feeling to realize you'd been daydreaming behind the wheel.

If you answered yes to the question earlier in this post, you're definitely not the only person to ever become lost in thought while driving. In fact, cognitive distraction is one of three major factors that place you and those around you at risk for injury, because each type of distraction increases chances for collision. Gaining better understanding of distracted driving risks may help keep you and your loved ones safe. Knowing where to seek support if a distracted driver hits you enables you to access help quickly if needed.

Errors drunk drivers often commit that can put you in harm's way

Like most other highways in the nation, South Carolina roads are often busy, chaotic places. Some motor vehicle journeys may later leave you wondering how you ever made it safely to your destination. No matter how cautious and alert you are behind the wheel, you have absolutely no way of knowing what another motorist might do at a given moment.

While it might not seem like that big a deal -- after all, you don't have to be able to read minds in order to be a good driver -- another person's actions (or negligence) could place you at great risk for injury. Take drunk drivers for example; there are several errors intoxicated motorists often make that may cause you to be involved in a collision and, worse, to suffer injury. If that happens, it's best to know ahead of time what options are available for seeking restitution.

What factors could impact your BAC level?

Many people enjoy going out with their friends for a few drinks or sharing a bottle of wine with a loved one. Of course, you may know that sometimes a good time can go further than anticipated, and one drink could turn to two and so on. Though you may still feel as if you have not had enough alcohol to impair your driving abilities, you could still find yourself in legal trouble if your blood alcohol concentration reaches or exceeds the legal limit.

As you drink, you may attempt to gauge your BAC level yourself. While some ways for guessing this level do exist, such as considering your body weight and the number of drinks you have within a certain period of time, guessing at your BAC level is just that: a guess. More than likely, your estimate is inaccurate, especially because numerous other factors could impact this level.

How accurate are Field Sobriety Tests?

Members of law enforcement typically demand that a driver who is suspected of driving under the influence perform a battery of roadside tests to begin building a DUI case. Field sobriety tests do not measure alcohol concentration, but police regularly rely on the results of these tests to gauge potential impairment. These tests are generally accepted in court to show that the office had probable cause to make a DUI arrest. While they are generally approved, they are not without their flaws.

Many people complain that many of the tests are not only too subjective, but are designed for the driver to fail. False positives are common, especially in bad weather, or due to nervous reactions of drivers who have been pulled over. Commentators have long objected to the use of these tests, stating that few people have the physical agility or athletic coordination to pass the one-legged stand, or the walk-and-turn when sober, let alone after a night out. Of course, police counter that officers are trained to understand when nerves, or inability, are the root cause of a failed FST.

Understanding The Dangers Of Fatigue On A Construction Site

Getting more tired as the day passes is common in any occupation. Many people experienced some amount of drowsiness after eating lunch. A rigorous job often includes a feeling of physical depletion. However, becoming fatigued is another story. Fatigue includes exhaustion that can affect your alertness, judgment, reflexes and agility. Recovering from exhaustion requires more than an energy drink or a short break to clear the cobwebs.

Mental and physical exhaustion on a busy construction site can significantly increase the risk for injuries. In addition to a higher potential for being in an accident, fatigued workers can begin to suffer other health-related issues and increased stress on the job.

Key factors of a successful self-defense claim

Criminal charges are nothing to take lightly. If you or a loved one face assault charges, it is important to understand what the charges and process entail.

You want to have a solid defense, and if you can prove you were protecting yourself or others, it may significantly help your case. There are a few key factors to know to have a chance at successfully arguing a self-defense claim.

Key factors of workers' compensation in South Carolina

Individuals who suffer an injury on the job can face physical and financial strain without the right support. Receiving workers' compensation benefits may be essential to their survival.

Many employees qualify for workers' compensation but may not fully understand how the program works. There are a few key factors to understand about this form of assistance in South Carolina.

How to avoid injuries on construction worksites

Many construction workers in South Carolina are aware their line of work is filled with dangers and hazards not present in many other industries. There is a one in 200 chance of death for an individual who works in the field 45 years or longer, states However, the risk of serious injury and death are not enough to deter some professionals. 

There are many safety protocols in place to protect construction workers and prevent accidents. However, those safety precautions are not enough to keep some people from being injured while they are on the job. According to, 2.9 million construction workers suffer non-fatal injuries on their worksites each year. The number of workers who die from construction workplace accidents is 5,000. 

The basic components of a car accident case

If you suffered in a car accident caused by someone else, one of your options might be to pursue a lawsuit. A successful case should meet certain basic requirements in order to proceed and have a chance of success.

As the plaintiff, the two main issues you would need to prove are fault and damages. The other driver must have been at fault and you must have sustained actual damages.

3 things that make truck accidents harder to deal with

While car accidents in general range from frightening to seriously devastating, truck accidents present some unique features that can make things even harder on accident victims. Knowing some of the challenges you can expect can help you avoid getting blindsided.

When a commercial truck becomes involved in a crash, there are several factors that tend to increase the scope and level of the resulting damage and complicate dealing with the aftermath.

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