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Symptoms that require medical attention after a car accident

When people are involved in a minor car accident in South Carolina, they may be medically discharged right at the scene of the crash. In the days and weeks following their accident, symptoms that they begin experiencing could be easy to discredit as something they would occasionally experience anyway. However, non-visible injuries in a car accident could be difficult to detect, and if people do not pay attention to the way they are feeling in the months after their accident, they could put themselves at risk of suffering an even worse injury. 

According to KTAR News, some of the symptoms people notice that require medical attention or follow-up after their accident include the following:

  • Back, neck, shoulder and head pain.
  • Stiffness or swelling.
  • Gradual numbing of extremities.
  • PTSD or emotional trauma.
  • Changes in their personality or mood.

Support for families when loved ones die at work

There are certain types of jobs that carry inherent risks for danger. Along with fishing jobs, electrical and factory work, and certain public service duties, such as police or fire fighting work, construction workers are typically listed among those most at risk for injuries on the job. If you've lived through the sudden shock and deep sorrow of losing a loved one in a construction accident, you understand how long lasting and far-reaching the devastation of such tragedies can be.  

Employers in South Carolina and all other states face an obligation to ensure the safety of their workers. They can fulfill this obligation by making sure each worker receives the proper training for his or her position. Employers must also provide workers with all necessary equipment to carry out their duties and help them avoid workplace injuries. Losing a family member in a workplace accident is terrible enough; finding out later that the accident was preventable intensifies the gravity of the situation. Support is available for families in such circumstances. 

Suggestions for staying safe on your motorcycle

If you own a motorcycle in South Carolina, you are probably familiar with the thrill and enjoyment that riding in the open air has to offer. As a motorcyclist, you are accustomed to a unique set of risks that can sometimes be significantly dangerous if you do not understand how to protect yourself. At George B. Bishop, Jr. P.A., we are familiar with the challenges that bikers face and have been able to help many individuals who have been involved in accidents. 

According to SafeWise, there are several important preventative actions you should take when you anticipate riding your motorcycle. These include the following:

  • Know your limits: Never do something you are uncomfortable with in terms of riding your motorcycle. Understand how your bike works and be familiar with its power so you can ride safely, comfortably and confidently. 
  • Pay attention to the weather: Inclement weather can pose a major hazard when you are a motorcyclist. Before you leave, always pay attention to the forecast and adjust your schedule accordingly. 
  • Do not get distracted: Always keep your eyes on the road ahead of you. Recognize hazards before they put you at risk. Never assume that other drivers can see you, but always scan your surroundings for people who may not notice you. 
  • Wear protective gear: Invest in high quality protective gear such as gloves, a jacket, boots and a helmet. Wear durable pants and boots that will help protect your body if you are in an accident. 

Is it possible to fight assault and battery charges?

You were out with your friends, doing your thing, really minding your own business. Then, out of the blue, it seems, someone approaches your party, exchanges words and a fight starts. Before you know it, you find yourself in police cuffs and charged with assault and battery. What can you do?

In South Carolina, a criminal court does not treat assault and battery charges lightly -- especially in those cases that involve weapons of any kind. The consequences tied to a conviction can really affect your life in a number of ways. Luckily, it may be possible to fight the charges or at least seek a charge reduction.

Taking the necessary measures in the aftermath of a collision

There may be few events in life that are as stressful as being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Even a minor accident could throw a wrench into your plans for the day, and although you might not be responsible for the incident, you will likely still have to deal with the fallout.

Along with the potential of being shaken up by the collision, you could be feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the process. However, if you take the time to become informed on the steps to take following a collision, you could become better prepared to handle the situation should one occur.

Manufacturing jobs in america: are they getting better?

Young workers in search of jobs and those in full-swing careers alike probaby wonder what their industries might look like in the future. Keeping a close eye on the outlook of one's field of work is a measure many American employees take to best adjust to change. When it comes to the manufacturing industry, should South Carolina workers expect to see better safety precautions, and ultimately better working conditions?  

Plant Engineering magazine considered this topic in a piece on the safety of the nation's manufacturing jobs, noting some potential red flags. Perhaps the most apparent, chemicals can pose significant danger if not properly contained or labeled. Employers should also outline clear instructions on how to use the various chemicals used on the job. Another inherent risk in manufacturing work involves heavy equipment and machinery; just one misstep and an accident could occur. Confined spaces, according to Plant Engineering, can also create dangers since they can cut off oxygen quickly. Employers should educate their employees on the possible dangers that come with, for instance, working around a tank or a vat.

What is the process of filing a worker's compensation claim?

If you have recently suffered an injury or are experiencing symptoms of a mysterious illness that are work-related, you have probably considered starting the process of filing a worker's compensation claim with your employer in South Carolina. While the process is a relatively straight-forward one, it is imperative that you act quickly and pay attention to the details to avoid making costly errors that could leave you with a denied claim and mounting medical bills. 

According to the Huffington Post, the first thing you must do once you realize that your injury or illness is work-related is to tell your employer. The initial report you fill out should include every minute detail down to the time that your injury occurred. You should always go and see a doctor, even if you do not think that your injury is that severe. Make sure that the medical provider you are visiting is within the network that your employer uses. Failure to do so could negate your claim.

Charged with a marijuana-related drug crime?

South Carolina is one state that still treats drug crimes quite seriously. This includes marijuana-related drug crimes. If you find yourself facing drug charges for marijuana possession, sale or trafficking, sit tight -- you may have a long legal battle ahead of you.

This state is one that has yet to decriminalize simple marijuana possession. It also has failed to pass legislation regarding medical marijuana, and there are no plans to pass such legislation in the near future. What are the state's current laws regarding marijuana drug crimes?

Study: Drowsy driving is more common, dangerous than believed

Because Moncks Corner is just a few minutes from Interstate 26, we know full well the risks of high-speed driving. Those risks rise dramatically when an impaired driver is present, of course.

While we all understand the dangers of drunk driving, few are aware that drowsy driving is even more prevalent and that fatigued drivers are just as dangerous as impaired motorists. In fact, a new study by AAA indicates that one in 10 highway crashes are caused by drowsy driving. Compare that to the 1 to 2 percent of crashes attributed to impaired driving and the depth of the problem is immediately apparently.

Is there a distracted driver in your midst?

Have you ever been driving along a South Carolina highway and suddenly realize that your mind has wandered away from the road for a few seconds? Perhaps you were mulling over a recent disagreement you had with your spouse or scrolling through the virtual checklist in your mind regarding several other commitments you still had left to fulfill in your day? No matter what caused you to lose track of thought, it was likely a very disconcerting feeling to realize you'd been daydreaming behind the wheel.

If you answered yes to the question earlier in this post, you're definitely not the only person to ever become lost in thought while driving. In fact, cognitive distraction is one of three major factors that place you and those around you at risk for injury, because each type of distraction increases chances for collision. Gaining better understanding of distracted driving risks may help keep you and your loved ones safe. Knowing where to seek support if a distracted driver hits you enables you to access help quickly if needed.

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