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Handing drunk driving charges as a celebrity

Any time someone is charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, they may face a number of roadblocks as they try to move forward in life. Losing driving privileges, paying fines and even spending time in prison are just some of the consequences associated with DUI charges. For some, however, these allegations can deal an especially devastating blow. For example, celebrities may have an especially hard time when charged with driving drunk because of the high level of attention they receive.

In the digital age, information spreads rapidly, especially unflattering information and gossip. News of a celebrity being charged with drunk driving can spread very fast across social media platforms and news outlets, and it may disrupt a celebrity’s life even more. Even those who are local celebrities may come under fire for DUI charges and their lives may unravel in various ways. For example, someone who is running for local office may have to cancel their campaign in the wake of DUI charges, while another person may have to step down or lose popularity after these allegations surface.

What happens if you drive drunk?

You should realize that South Carolina takes driving under the influence very seriously. If you are pulled over under the suspicion of drunk driving, you can expect to go through some field tests and be asked to take a blood alcohol content test. Whether you pass or fail depends largely on how much you have drank and the level of alcohol remaining in your system. Sometimes, you may not feel affected by the alcohol but your level will be above the legally allowed amount.

The Charlotte Observer explains that for most driver,s the legal BAC limit is 0.08 percent. However, if you have a commercial license, the limit is 0.04 percent, and if you are underage, the limit is 0.02 percent. The amount you can drink and be under the legal limit varies due to many factors, so you should never assume you are safe to drive after consuming any alcoholic beverage.

Falls on construction sites still a major problem

Construction is an important job, but it is one that comes with a few risks and hazards for the men and women who work in this industry. Keeping South Carolina construction workers as safe as possible should be a priority for all employers and site managers, but unfortunately, many ignore the prevalence of falls on job sites. Falls from heights are one of the leading reasons for construction site injuries and the leading cause of fatalities. 

Sadly, many falls are the result of preventable issues, and employers bear the responsibility of making sure workers have what they need to be as safe as possible. If you work in construction, you will find it beneficial to know what you can do to stay safe. You will also find it helpful to know what to do in case of a worksite accident.

How to recognize and respond to parental abuse

South Carolina residents often hear stories of child abuse, or about instances of domestic violence that involve one partner causing harm to another. However, it is not every day that the news shares stories about parental abuse, which occurs when teens act out violently against their parents or guardians. Though there may be several factors that explain lack of awareness, more often than not, it is because parental abuse is so unacknowledged that many parents do not recognize it, even when it happens to them. details three warning signs your teen is abusive. The first is feelings of intimidation. It is typical to feel frustrated when your child asks for the same thing over and over again. However, what is not typical is to be afraid to say no for fear that your child will act out in a violent or aggressive manner.

College students and auto accidents

Many people realize the different challenges that car crashes can create for workers, whether they have to take a few weeks off after the collision or are never able to return to their position because of immobility. It is important to understand that these wrecks can shatter the lives of those who may not work as well. For example, someone who takes care of the kids while their spouse works may no longer be able to run errands and handle other responsibilities due to injuries sustained in a wreck, while a college student may see their academic performance adversely affected by the accident.

Motor vehicle collisions can be tough for college students for many reasons. For example, the various consequences they are struggling with may interfere with their ability to study for exams, write papers and even attend classes. Some may be unable to drive to their campus and they may even notice that their social life is adversely impacted by the accident.

What penalties could you face for cocaine-related crimes?

Information can often help individuals in tricky situations better navigate their predicaments. Having the right knowledge could prove especially useful to you if police officers bring serious criminal charges against you. By understanding the allegations and the possible penalties that may result, you could feel more confident in effectively handling your case as it moves forward.

In particular, you may need vital information if you face charges for crimes involving cocaine. Because drug laws can vary from state to state and federal laws may apply in certain circumstances, you may need state-specific information if authorities charge you in South Carolina.

South Carolina workers are at risk for injury

Many workers in South Carolina are likely to suffer workplace injuries in 2019 and beyond just like others across the country. Many injuries necessitate taking time off work to recover. On-the-job injuries often involve machinery, motor vehicles, heavy objects or other basic work items.

Your employer no doubt purchases workers' compensation insurance. This program allows you to claim benefits if you suffer injury on the job. Such benefits can cover the cost of your medical expenses associated with your on-the-job injury and can also replace lost wages and help you make ends meet at home during recovery. The workers' comp system can be quite complicated to navigate, however. Sometimes, your claim may face rejection but that shouldn't stop you from appealing the decision.

What is the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids?

There is a constant push for society to help fight the drug problem before it even begins by making sure kids understand the dangers of drugs and alcohol. No matter where you live in South Carolina or any other state, you have access to the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. This organization is quite influential in helping in the fight against drugs.

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids has a simple goal to stop kids from using drugs. It also helps parents who may struggle with a child who is using drugs through providing support and assistance. It offers support services to help keep kids off drugs. The organization is actually merging with the Center on Addiction to grow and help even more people, and it has extensive reach through collaborations within education and the government.

What happens with the lien holder in an accident?

If you have a new vehicle you make payments on in South Carolina, whoever holds your loan has a lien on your title. This means you cannot sell or otherwise get rid of the vehicle without paying off the loan. If you have an accident and your insurance declares your vehicle a total loss, what happens with the lien holder?

According to the Foundation Insurance Group, if you end up in a situation where the cost of repairs to your vehicle is more than about 80 percent of the value of the vehicle, then your insurance company will likely declare it a total loss. This means they pay you for the value of the vehicle based on the Kelley Blue Book value.

Impaired driving is a serious matter -- don't handle it alone

You have already heard the spiel -- driving under the influence of alcohol is not just dangerous, it is illegal. You may have followed the advice of your parents and college professors religiously, which is why you felt so surprised when an officer charged you with impaired driving. In South Carolina, police can still charge you for driving while under the influence of other substances.

College life is difficult, and you may not have been thinking about this. However, the courts likely will not care whether it was a momentary lapse of youthful judgement or a systemic pattern of behavior. Either way, you are facing serious criminal consequences that could impact not only your current educational trajectory, but also your entire future.

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