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3 things that make truck accidents harder to deal with

While car accidents in general range from frightening to seriously devastating, truck accidents present some unique features that can make things even harder on accident victims. Knowing some of the challenges you can expect can help you avoid getting blindsided.

When a commercial truck becomes involved in a crash, there are several factors that tend to increase the scope and level of the resulting damage and complicate dealing with the aftermath.

Large size can cause or aggravate accidents

One major factor in truck accidents is the size and mass of the typical big rig. The size of a truck may increase the likelihood of an accident happening in the first place, as trucks are harder to maneuver, and even alert and experienced commercial drivers may not be able to respond to sudden problems in time to avoid a crash. In addition, because trucks are so heavy, when they crash, the impact is much more violent than that from a passenger vehicle traveling at the same speed.

Truck drivers risk drowsiness and distraction

Human error can serve as an important contributor to the occurrence and gravity of an accident. Commercial drivers often face long stretches of driving without adequate sleep. Despite efforts at regulation, work pressures still keep drivers on the road even when they are not able to function at top capacity. Distracted driving can form another pitfall, as drivers who spend hours behind the wheel may feel increasing difficulty in keeping their focus on the road.

Insurers may pressure you to accept a settlement

Once an accident occurs, you can expect to hear from the other driver’s insurance company. Insurers for commercial trucking companies at times tend to show more aggression in pressuring accident victims to settle quickly, usually for a sum that falls far short of adequate. Avoid discussing your case with insurance representatives or giving them official statements before speaking with your lawyer. An experienced attorney can give you a clearer idea of your case’s worth and work to get compensation that would be fair to you.