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How to avoid injuries on construction worksites

Many construction workers in South Carolina are aware their line of work is filled with dangers and hazards not present in many other industries. There is a one in 200 chance of death for an individual who works in the field 45 years or longer, states Capterra.com. However, the risk of serious injury and death are not enough to deter some professionals.

There are many safety protocols in place to protect construction workers and prevent accidents. However, those safety precautions are not enough to keep some people from being injured while they are on the job. According to Fortune.com, 2.9 million construction workers suffer non-fatal injuries on their worksites each year. The number of workers who die from construction workplace accidents is 5,000.

Here are some ways construction workers can avoid accidents and workplace injuries.

Wear appropriate clothing and safety gear

Hard hats, steel toe boots and other safety gear are necessary on construction worksites. The risk of falls and falling objects are always present. Workers should inspect their gear daily before putting it on. Hard hats help to cushion the head from blows and objects that could crush and penetrate the skull and damage the brain. Steel toe boots provide traction to prevent slips and falls and protect the fleshy portion of the feet from crush injuries.

Watch their footing

Falls are a leading cause of construction accidents. Workers can avoid them by watching for cords and objects in their paths. They should also avoid bumping into others and objects and making sudden movements that could cause them to fall from one level to another.

Avoid hazardous conditions

The risk of electrocution, falls, toxic chemicals and other accidents is high when there are dangerous conditions. Construction laborers should continuously assess their workplaces for dangerous conditions and report them. They should also place warning signs to alert others to the dangers so they can avoid and take appropriate actions to resolve them.

Construction accident injuries are often serious. Workers who do not die from their injuries often have long recoveries ahead of them. They also have to deal with mounting medical bills and other expenses because they are unable to work.