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Key factors of workers’ compensation in South Carolina

Individuals who suffer an injury on the job can face physical and financial strain without the right support. Receiving workers’ compensation benefits may be essential to their survival.

Many employees qualify for workers’ compensation but may not fully understand how the program works. There are a few key factors to understand about this form of assistance in South Carolina.


Workers’ compensation is available to most employees and their employers as long as they are working in the state of South Carolina. However, there are a few exceptions, including:

These are a few of the most notable ones. The South Carolina code provides a full listing of all career exceptions.


Along with who may receive them, the South Carolina code also designates how the organization distributes the benefits. Code 42-9-5 fully details the types of workers’ compensation and their stipulations. The types of workers’ compensation benefits are:

These are the main benefits; however, certain individuals and their beneficiaries may qualify for others. Particularly, if the injury leads to death, the individual’s beneficiaries receive death and funeral expense benefits.


The first step in filing for workers’ compensation is for the individual to report the work-related injury or ailment to management. The employer should report the injury or ailment to the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission within 10 days. In the case that the employer does not file the report, the employee may file a claim to the Commission office directly. The Commission will evaluate the claim and make a decision. The Commission office also mediates informal conferences for employees who qualify for permanent disability.

Though workers’ compensation may be a rigorous process at times, it can also prove to be very beneficial to those who receive it. If you are looking to file a claim, make sure you fully understand the process so that you may hopefully receive the best possible results.