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How accurate are Field Sobriety Tests?

Members of law enforcement typically demand that a driver who is suspected of driving under the influence perform a battery of roadside tests to begin building a DUI case. Field sobriety tests do not measure alcohol concentration, but police regularly rely on the results of these tests to gauge potential impairment. These tests are generally accepted in court to show that the office had probable cause to make a DUI arrest. While they are generally approved, they are not without their flaws.

Understanding The Dangers Of Fatigue On A Construction Site

Getting more tired as the day passes is common in any occupation. Many people experienced some amount of drowsiness after eating lunch. A rigorous job often includes a feeling of physical depletion. However, becoming fatigued is another story. Fatigue includes exhaustion that can affect your alertness, judgment, reflexes and agility. Recovering from exhaustion requires more than an energy drink or a short break to clear the cobwebs.

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