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Support for families when loved ones die at work

There are certain types of jobs that carry inherent risks for danger. Along with fishing jobs, electrical and factory work, and certain public service duties, such as police or fire fighting work, construction workers are typically listed among those most at risk for injuries on the job. If you’ve lived through the sudden shock and deep sorrow of losing a loved one in a construction accident, you understand how long lasting and far-reaching the devastation of such tragedies can be.

Employers in South Carolina and all other states face an obligation to ensure the safety of their workers. They can fulfill this obligation by making sure each worker receives the proper training for his or her position. Employers must also provide workers with all necessary equipment to carry out their duties and help them avoid workplace injuries. Losing a family member in a workplace accident is terrible enough; finding out later that the accident was preventable intensifies the gravity of the situation. Support is available for families in such circumstances.

Even long-term and experienced employees lose their lives

It doesn’t matter how long a person has worked at the same job. Your loved one could have several years on-the-job and still suffer fatal injuries in a work-related accident. For instance, a $2.4 billion casino project in another state became the scene of a tragedy when a 56-year-old worker with several years with the company died on the job. He was using an excavation machine when the accident occurred.

A spokesperson for his employer sent out an email informing all employees of the catastrophic event and expressed sympathy for the man’s family and friends. As often is the case following construction accidents, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has launched an investigation. Even if the investigation shows some fault on the part of his employer, any changes made would come too late for this family.

Helping families alleviate financial burdens in the wake of tragedy

The lives of this man’s family changed forever that day. Many families in South Carolina have experienced such great loss when their own loved ones left for work one day and never returned due to on-the-job accidents that took their lives. Every family mourns in its own way; yet, most families face similar challenges in the weeks and months that follow their loved ones’ deaths.

Such challenges often include financial issues related to funeral expenses and loss of income. If you lost a loved one to a work-related accident, you may reach out for support to claim benefits reserved to help make ends meet when sudden workplace deaths occur. Those well versed in workers’ compensation regulations can be great assets to have on hand as you and your family members do your best to move forward in life following such a tragic loss.