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Methods that can be used to prevent drunk driving accidents

You have recently taken your teenager to get his license and are sharing his excitement for the newfound freedom of being able to get himself too and from school and other commitments. However, there is always the lingering concern that irresponsibility or a moment of weakness may result in dangerous errors such as the decision to drive while under the influence. At George B. Bishop, JR. P.A., we have helped many victims of drunk driving accidents in South Carolina to recover from legal consequences. 

Pulled over? Don't make matters worse

If you've gotten a traffic ticket in the past, you are definitely not the only South Carolina motorist who has faced such an outcome during a traffic stop. There's a big difference, however, between a police officer issuing you a speed warning or writing a ticket for traveling 5 miles over the posted speed limit and winding up in jail on suspicion of drunk driving or illegal drug possession.  

College students weigh in on why they drink

If you are winding down another year at a South Carolina college, you may be looking forward to some free time, away from the books and rigors of academic life. However, if your social activity at college has landed you in trouble with the law, your summer vacation may not go exactly as you had planned. When police make arrest incidents on or off campus, circumstances are often alcohol-related. If you're age 21 or over, you are not necessarily breaking the law if you drink.

What kinds of injuries does workers' compensation cover?

While some industries are significantly more dangerous than others, no matter where you work in South Carolina, you face unique risks every day when you arrive at your job. While your employer has probably implemented guidelines and protocols to mitigate accidents in the workplace, there may still be incidents that result in the unexpected injury of yourself or one of your colleagues. 

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