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Drugs, college and police: Not always a good combination

Countless issues may impact your college career. You hopefully chose a South Carolina school that's a good fit for your personality as well as your academic goals. You also hopefully fell in with a good crowd of friends to encourage and support you as you work your way toward a diploma. Having a close friend comes in handy when times get tough, as they inevitably will at some point in your educational journey.  

What is a restraining order?

If you have been physically abused or assaulted by another person in South Carolina, then you have the right to protect yourself legally. One option is to get a restraining order against the person. Under the law, the South Carolina Judicial Department explains that you can get a restraining order, referred to as an order of protection by the court, if you have been injured physically by another person or you have received threats of physical injury from another person.

Can crash collision systems stop distracted drivers?

No matter how many precautions you take behind the wheel or how closely you adhere to the speed limit, you cannot avoid encountering distracted drivers. This is a scary thought for anyone who must share the road. After all, you have probably noticed other drivers so engrossed in conversations with passengers that they failed to notice what was happening around them.

Why does law enforcement oppose the Compassionate Care Act?

Many states across the country have adopted medical marijuana laws, which allow people with certain medical conditions to use marijuana products to treat their symptoms. South Carolina currently has a bill, called the Compassionate Care Act, being looked at by lawmakers that would legalize the medical use of marijuana. It is important to note that under this law, medical marijuana would mean marijuana byproducts that are not psychedelic. In layman's terms that means it does not get the user "high." The benefits from these products are specifically for relief from medical symptoms. While many support the act, there are also many who do not, including law enforcement.

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