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Drugs, college and police: Not always a good combination

Countless issues may impact your college career. You hopefully chose a South Carolina school that’s a good fit for your personality as well as your academic goals. You also hopefully fell in with a good crowd of friends to encourage and support you as you work your way toward a diploma. Having a close friend comes in handy when times get tough, as they inevitably will at some point in your educational journey.

Some types of problems are par for the course in college, such as finding enough time to study for major exams or getting all your homework done on time. Other problems surface through personal choices, such as those having to do with drugs or alcohol. Even doing drugs one time can lead to personal or legal trouble. That’s why it’s critical to know as much as possible about college age drug addiction and also where to seek support if a problem arises.

Alcohol is a drug

While it’s perfectly legal for you to consume alcohol if you’re age 21 or older, it can still land you in jail if you choose to drink then drive. You can also face a heap of legal problems if you offer alcohol to someone who is underage. Alcohol is one of the most often abused drugs everywhere, especially on South Carolina college campuses.

Marijuana is making a comeback

At one point, pot was seen as a retro drug that hippies of the 1960s used at Woodstock, in college or just about anywhere. Since many states have enacted laws allowing use of marijuana, more and more college students have started growing, buying, selling and using this drug. It’s important to remember that federal law still lists any and all use of marijuana as a crime.

Ecstasy can cause hallucinations

If you’ve ever gone to a rave party, you may have witnessed people using this drug or may have even tried it yourself. Many people are attracted to the drug because it creates pleasurable sensations. It is also a powerful hallucinogen and stimulant, which comes from methamphetamine.

Cocaine and heroin more popular now than ever

Every day, somewhere in the U.S., someone overdoses on narcotic drugs. If you use cocaine or heroin, you are at great risk for addiction and overdose as well as spending a major portion of your college career behind bars.

Cough and cold medications are risky too

Surprisingly, over-the-counter medications fall among the top abused drugs on college campuses as well. If you take a drug containing dextromethorphan, then drive to the nearest convenience store for some snacks, a police officer may interrupt your errand by arresting you for DUI. Many college students make mistakes.

Getting life back on track

One mistake need not define the rest of your life. In fact, if you tap into local support resources, you can get help to overcome an addiction problem as well as to try to mitigate any legal problems that arise.