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An introduction to choosing protective motorcycle gear

With the purchase of your new motorcycle, you are also in need of investing in some high-quality safety gear that will serve to protect you in the event you are involved in an accident. Selecting the right safety gear is imperative to your safety and your confidence when you ride. At George B. Bishop, Jr. P.A., we have helped many victims of motorcycle accidents in South Carolina. 

Woman awarded just enough to pay medical bills in lawsuit

The perception of those who initiate personal injury claims in South Carolina may be that such people are simply looking for a quick payday. What may be lost in this assumption is the fact that accidents (even seemingly mundane slips and falls) can produce devastating injuries that not only exact a heavy financial toll from victims, but an emotional one, as well. The net effect of such can be monetary deficits that one may simply not be able to afford on his or her own. In such a scenario, one might be left with no choice but to seek compensation. 

Reducing the odds of a collision by knowing the hazards you face

No one ever starts the day expecting to be involved in a motor vehicle accident, but in some cases, you might have little say in the matter. Even if you consider yourself the most cautious of drivers, you probably share South Carolina roads with a multitude of others, some of whom might not share your zest for safety.

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