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What are the signs of hypothermia?

While it may not get too cold too often in South Carolina that does not mean there are no risks for hypothermia in outdoor work environments. According to the Mayo Clinic, hypothermia occurs when your body cannot keep itself warm enough because it is losing heat too fast. Generally, you are hypothermic if you have a temperature of 95 degrees or less.

Caving under academic pressure could lead to addiction

College isn't like high school. You chose to attend college, and you want to succeed because your future could depend on you completing your degree program. Perhaps you have trouble focusing when it comes to studying. Maybe you just need a little something extra in order to stay awake in order to study.

Cycling in the city: tips to stay safe

When people go out for a leisurely bicycle ride in South Carolina, they are usually closer to home and in a place that they are familiar with. However, if they choose to take their bike into the city or in an area where there are more people and motorists, it is extra critical that they remain vigilant to protect their safety and wellbeing. 

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