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Cycling in the city: tips to stay safe

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2018 | Personal Injury |

When people go out for a leisurely bicycle ride in South Carolina, they are usually closer to home and in a place that they are familiar with. However, if they choose to take their bike into the city or in an area where there are more people and motorists, it is extra critical that they remain vigilant to protect their safety and wellbeing. 

According to REI Co-Op, one of the things that people can do to stay safer on their bike is to make sure it is adequately maintained. Many components help a bicycle function the right way and if anything is amiss, it could contribute to a malfunction that results in an accident. The ABC’s of maintaining a bike include checking the air in the tires, testing the brakes and oiling the chain. Additionally, people should frequently make sure that all of the bolts are tightly secured and that the drivetrain is appropriately cleaned and lubricated to allow for seamless movement. 

US Insurance Agents reminds cyclists to be watchful of city hazards that may not appear in a less-busy setting. For example, people should pay attention to their proximity to parked cars to avoid getting hit by a door that is opening or closing. They should also stay out of the blind spots of drivers and pedestrians who may not notice them coming up quickly in their rear. People should also wear reflective clothing that will increase their visibility, invest in high-quality protective gear, wear a properly fitted helmet and understand hand signals to be able to provide other motorists with clarity about their direction. Staying alert will help people to avoid hazards by recognizing them before it is too late.   

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