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South Carolina workers are at risk for injury

Many workers in South Carolina are likely to suffer workplace injuries in 2019 and beyond just like others across the country. Many injuries necessitate taking time off work to recover. On-the-job injuries often involve machinery, motor vehicles, heavy objects or other basic work items.

What is the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids?

There is a constant push for society to help fight the drug problem before it even begins by making sure kids understand the dangers of drugs and alcohol. No matter where you live in South Carolina or any other state, you have access to the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. This organization is quite influential in helping in the fight against drugs.

What happens with the lien holder in an accident?

If you have a new vehicle you make payments on in South Carolina, whoever holds your loan has a lien on your title. This means you cannot sell or otherwise get rid of the vehicle without paying off the loan. If you have an accident and your insurance declares your vehicle a total loss, what happens with the lien holder?

Impaired driving is a serious matter -- don't handle it alone

You have already heard the spiel -- driving under the influence of alcohol is not just dangerous, it is illegal. You may have followed the advice of your parents and college professors religiously, which is why you felt so surprised when an officer charged you with impaired driving. In South Carolina, police can still charge you for driving while under the influence of other substances.

DNA collection upon arrest

When arrested in South Carolina, individuals may have to provide a DNA sample as part of the routine booking process. This is a highly controversial thing because some feel it is a violation of rights. Specifically, they have concern over it being a wrongful search and seizure. However, according to NPR, the Supreme Court ruled taking DNA after an arrest for a serious crime is legal.

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