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What happens if you drive drunk?

You should realize that South Carolina takes driving under the influence very seriously. If you are pulled over under the suspicion of drunk driving, you can expect to go through some field tests and be asked to take a blood alcohol content test. Whether you pass or fail depends largely on how much you have drank and the level of alcohol remaining in your system. Sometimes, you may not feel affected by the alcohol but your level will be above the legally allowed amount.

The Charlotte Observer explains that for most drivers the legal BAC limit is 0.08 percent. However, if you have a commercial license, the limit is 0.04 percent, and if you are underage, the limit is 0.02 percent. The amount you can drink and be under the legal limit varies due to many factors, so you should never assume you are safe to drive after consuming any alcoholic beverage.

If you are over the legal BAC limit, what happens to you also varies. It is dependent upon what your BAC percentage is and whether this is your first DUI. Whether you voluntarily take the BAC test also plays into what happens. You could face anywhere from 30 days to three years in jail, have to pay a fine of $400 to $6,300 and lose your license for six months to four years. However, if you have three or more prior DUIs, then you face felony charges that mean five to seven years in prison and a permanent loss of your license.

In any case, if you fail the sobriety or BAC tests, you will probably be taken straight to jail where you will have to wait for a judge to set bail. This information is for education and is not legal advice.