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Unaddressed anger issues could lead to assault charges

Anger is a common emotion people express. You have undoubtedly found yourself feeling angry from time to time and may even feel confused as to why others are not angry over something you find infuriating. In fact, others may question your anger often.

In such cases, there could be some concern as to whether you may have an anger management problem. Friends or family may have broached this topic with you before, but you may have just brushed it off as them being overly sensitive. However, anger issues can cause serious problems if left unaddressed, like resulting in charges for assault.

Types of anger

Typically, people express anger either passively or aggressively. With passive anger, you may speak in a sarcastic tone, give someone the cold shoulder or silent treatment, or even sabotage yourself or your opportunities in efforts to make someone else feel bad. While this type of anger issue is certainly problematic, it may not lead to a physical altercation.

On the other hand, aggressive anger could lead to violent outbursts that may have lasting consequences. If you experience aggressive anger, you may understand that you feel angry, but you may not fully know why you feel so angry or do not want to recognize a serious issue that causes you to feel this way. As a result, you may lash out at others for seemingly minor offenses to you.

Symptoms of anger issues

Of course, just because you lash out occasionally does not necessarily mean that you have a serious anger problem. However, if you experience feelings of anger often and also experience physical symptoms like heart palpitations, fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure or tingling, those signs could point to an anger issue. Unfortunately, if you do have an anger problem that goes unaddressed, you could develop other mental health concerns, like anxiety.

Legal problems

On top of the concerns that anger problems cause for your health, becoming easily angered, especially in an aggressive way, could result in legal trouble for you. If someone crosses your path at the wrong time and you lash out physically, you could end up facing criminal charges for assault. Though you may have acted without fully thinking through your actions, you now face a serious predicament that will need your full attention.

In the event that this type of scenario does play out, you may want to remember that you have legal options for defending against this type of charge. Consulting with a South Carolina criminal defense attorney about your case may help you better understand your best courses of action.