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Will a DUI conviction hamper your career?

The school year has come to a close in South Carolina and you are one year closer to earning that post-graduate professional degree that will allow you to pursue the career you have always dreamed about. But before you spend too much partying this summer and driving home after drinking, remember that if you wind up getting convicted of DUI, your professional career could be over before it ever begins.

How does a court determine what is drug paraphernalia?

The problem with determining what is considered drug paraphernalia is that many objects used to manipulate and cultivate controlled substances can also be used for legitimate reasons. If you find yourself caught up in a suspected paraphernalia case, you should know that South Carolina law provides many different ways that a court can evaluate whether an object is truly drug paraphernalia.

Summer hazards for motorcyclists

The unofficial start of summer means people will begin making plans for their vacations. You may already be seeing an influx of travelers visiting the beautiful South Carolina lakes or heading to the shore. In addition to seeing more cars and trucks on the road, you may notice they are going faster, and their drivers are paying less attention. These are all hallmarks of summer traffic.

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