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Summer hazards for motorcyclists

The unofficial start of summer means people will begin making plans for their vacations. You may already be seeing an influx of travelers visiting the beautiful South Carolina lakes or heading to the shore. In addition to seeing more cars and trucks on the road, you may notice they are going faster, and their drivers are paying less attention. These are all hallmarks of summer traffic.

As hazardous as it is to drive in the summer, if you are on a motorcycle, you have even more to worry about. Because your vehicle is smaller than most others, it is harder for other drivers to see you. You are exposed to injury since you are not protected by your vehicle. Adding this vulnerability to the hazards of summer places you in danger whenever you go out on your motorcycle.

What are you up against?

It is critical for you to take every possible precaution when you are on your bike during summer months. Although state law does not require you to wear a helmet unless you are under 21, you would be wise to guard against traumatic brain injury with this simple device. Even in the summer heat, it is smart to wear appropriate clothing and gear to protect yourself in case of an accident. Some of the factors that may place you at risk of an accident this summer include:

You can take every precaution to remain safe on your motorcycle, but you cannot control the actions of other drivers. Distraction increases during the summer as drivers may be unfamiliar with where they are going; they are also likely using their phones or devices to get directions or driving with the windows down. More drivers on the road also means a greater chance of encountering a drunk driver or a young, inexperienced driver.

If you suffer injuries in an accident with a larger vehicle, there is a good chance those injuries will be serious, perhaps catastrophic. In fact, you are 28 times more likely to suffer fatal injuries than someone in a car. When the negligence of another driver is the cause of these injuries, you have a right to seek advice about your legal options.