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Listen up about National Protect Your Hearing Month

Many industries commonly contribute to hearing loss among countless Americans, but it is important to note that it is not required to work in a hazardous industry to put one’s hearing at risk. Hearing loss, including job-related hearing damage, is a prevalent risk affecting people in South Carolina and elsewhere.

This test may be one of the most important you take in college

When you arrived on campus for the start of your junior or senior year at a South Carolina college or university, you likely felt excited and a bit anxious. After all, you're more than halfway through earning your undergrad degree, and you know you'll likely encounter a few challenges between now and then. You hopefully have developed good study habits by now and have a close group of friends on campus who offer encouragement and support.

Spinal fusion treatments may treat chronic back pain

Many workers in California suffer from chronic back pain regardless of the field they work in. Even office workers can develop back injuries from moving office equipment or sitting for long periods of time on poorly designed chairs. Still, workers who perform manual labor face a higher risk of developing back injuries, particularly if they do a lot of heavy lifting. Bad falls may also lead to back injuries, such as falling from a roof or down a long flight of stairs.

Red light runners are leaving more families grieving

Green means go, red means stop, and yellow means speed up and try to beat the red light. At least this seems to be the common belief among many drivers in South Carolina and across the country. A recent report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety seems to confirm this. The agency's survey shows that more people are running red lights and often with disastrous results.

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