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A closer look at drug court in Berkeley County

Residents of Berkeley County who are facing drug charges or dealing with a substance abuse disorder may now have a new treatment option available to them. Berkeley County’s drug court began accepting drug offenders during the fall of 2017, making drug court more manageable for residents there who, until then, had to travel to other counties in order to participate.

According to The Berkeley Independent, that initial drug court program had just 12 participants, but it has grown in the years since, and now about 30 drug offenders take part in it on a weekly basis. Just how does a drug court program work, and how might it help you if you are dealing with drug charges or addiction issues?

How drug courts work

In order to successfully complete drug court in Berkeley County, you have to finish five distinct phases of the program. In its entirety, a typical Berkeley County drug court program is going to take about 18 months to complete, and participants must pay a weekly fee of $30 for the duration of their participation in the program.

Program requirements

Throughout the entirety of the drug court program, you should expect to have to undergo extensive drug testing. Once a week during the program’s duration, you are also going to have to come to court, appear before a judge and attend two or three treatment sessions and two additional self-help classes. Furthermore, you need to furnish proof that you have, and are able to maintain, employment while enrolled in drug court.

Drug courts are not necessarily right for all offenders. However, if you are able to enter one, you may find that it gives you the resources, support and accountability you need to leave your substance abuse disorder in the past.