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How road debris causes accidents

Besides drunk and distracted drivers, motorists in South Carolina also have to keep an eye out for road debris that may trigger an accident. One thing worth pointing out about road debris is that it can cause personal injuries as well as fatalities.

In late 2018, MarketWatch took a deep dive into how dangerous road debris can be. Drivers should brush up on the dangers of road debris and what they can do to avoid it.

Dangerous highways

Usually, drivers encounter road debris while zipping along at high speeds on the highway. Flying debris is one of the most dangerous types, mainly because of the force of the impact created by the speed of the debris combined with the speed of the vehicle that the object strikes. This type of debris can cause injuries, car damage and even deaths. Shredded truck tires are another type of debris that highway motorists should keep their eyes peeled for. Besides damaging the underside of a vehicle, shredded truck tires may also trigger car tire blowouts.

What is the best thing drivers can do if they encounter debris on the highway? It is actually better to hit the debris rather than try to avoid it. Swerving to avoid objects in the road could lead to a loss of control, which could result in a fatal accident.

Tips for avoiding road debris

AAA notes that one way that drivers can avoid hitting debris is by looking ahead down the road for oncoming objects. Leaving plenty of room between vehicles is another recommendation, as is keeping an eye out for animals in the road during the evening and early morning hours.

Should an injury result from a shredded tire, truck drivers may become liable. The same applies if the debris came from a negligent owner’s property.