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College and university consequences for a DUI

A DUI arrest or conviction in South Carolina can carry with it not only legal consequences, but further disciplinary action from a college or university if the person is a student there. Most institutions of higher education have policies regarding student conduct.

Many colleges and universities have adopted stricter alcohol policies as a result of increased student drinking on campuses nationwide.

Universities concerned with student alcohol consumption

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that research shows that out of college students that are between ages 18 and 22, about 9.6% could qualify as having an alcohol use disorder. This is a significant and concerning statistic for colleges and universities. Many schools are taking steps to try and address the problem of student alcohol consumption, including ramping up consequences for alcohol related offenses like a DUI.

Possible university consequences for DUI

Every school has different policies, but many follow similar guidelines. For example, at the University of South Carolina, the possible consequences for a DUI conviction might include any of the following:

This is not a comprehensive list of all possible consequences, but it shows how seriously universities take their conduct policies. At the University of South Carolina, a student must notify the Office of Student Conduct if law enforcement arrests them off campus, and may face more disciplinary action if they fail to do so.