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How do brain injuries affect personality?

South Carolina residents who get into wrecks may end up facing traumatic injury. Brain injuries are common among them. Many people who suffer from brain injuries know that it manifests in different ways.

Today, we will focus on how brain injuries affect a personality. This is one of the many ways these injuries manifest. But it is not talked about as often as other manifestations.

Mental health and brain injuries

CognitiveFX looks at the impact a brain injury can have on someone’s personality. First of all, there is the fact that it is a traumatic event. Any traumatic event has a big impact on a person’s mental and emotional well-being. Victims often experience depression, anxiety and other similar issues. Some develop post traumatic stress disorder. These mental health problems impact a person’s ability to feel emotionally balanced.

Brain damage affecting the personality

Also, head injuries can change the physical structure of the brain. Swelling, bruising and other issues may cause permanent damage to certain areas. This can lead to many problems. For example, many victims of brain injury have a hard time with impulse control. If the frontal lobe suffers damage, it affects the ability to exercise self-control.

The damage from these injuries may also lead to a person lashing out more. They may have trouble controlling their temper. Verbal or even physical lashing out may occur. Victims can feel overwhelmed due to confusion, stress and anxiety. Without that impulse control, they may take these negative emotions out on others.

Dealing with a brain injury victim is stressful for everyone involved. It is important to keep in mind why these changes happen, how they happen and what you can do about them. This can help relieve anxiety in the patient and their loved one.