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Handling drunk driving charges as a teen

Our law firm realizes that for some people, drunk driving charges are especially difficult to deal with. For example, if you are a teen and you are in this position, you likely have a wide variety of challenges to work through. Whether you worry about how these charges will impact your future or you are terrified of how your loved ones will react to the charges, it is imperative to prepare for what lies ahead.

Moreover, young people charged with DUI often face many different hurdles when it comes to the impact these allegations have on their future.

Talking to your loved ones

If you are a teen facing drunk driving charges, having the support of your family members is crucial. One’s parents, as well as other relatives, can support them in various ways as they try to understand their legal options, prepare for court and brace for the financial toll of a DUI case (as well as the loss of driving privileges and other hurdles to overcome). Sometimes, it is very difficult to discuss these matters with family members, especially if they are upset. In some instances, it is smart to wait for emotions to cool down before approaching this topic.

There are a variety of factors that teens facing DUI charges need to consider. For starters, some find themselves in this position even though they were not drinking and driving. With zero-tolerance laws, some teens show very small amounts of alcohol in their system while taking a breathalyzer and some breathalyzer tests are faulty. These factors can have a serious impact on a DUI case and our website covers more.