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How do wage loss benefits work?

Workers’ compensation can provide you some assistance if you suffer an injury on the job and have to miss work as a result. In addition to medical payments, you may also qualify for wage loss benefits, but there are strict rules about these payments.

The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission explains that you can get lost wage payments if you miss at least seven days from work. You will not receive payment for those first seven days unless you miss a total of 14 days.

Payment limit

The amount you receive in lost wage payments is not your full pay. You can only get 66 2/3% of your average weekly wages which workers’ compensation calculates using the wages you earned in the four weeks prior to your accident claim.

In addition, there is a maximum payment limit. If your average weekly wage at 66 2/3% is more than the maximum payment, you will only receive the maximum payment amount.

If you work at two or more jobs, workers’ compensation can use all the wages you earn and have lost due to your injury to calculate your weekly average wages. You can receive lost wage benefits based on earnings from a job that is not the one in which you suffered the injury.

Payment length

You will receive lost wage benefits for as long as you are off work. Once you return to work without restriction, your benefits stop.

You can get partial payments if you return to work with restrictions and you do not earn your full pay according to the weekly average wage estimate. Your benefits will pay the difference between your weekly average wages and your current wages.