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When do benefits end?

Workers’ compensation is to help you during the recovery from an injury that occurs at work and during the course of doing your job duties. These benefits do not always last for the long-term. However, they can last for a long time depending on your injury.

It is important to understand when your benefits will end. There are several points to consider. The South Carolina Worker’s Compensation Commission explains that benefits can end due to your recovery and return to work. Generally, when speaking of benefits ending, it means any wage compensation. Your medical benefits continue until you no longer need any medical care related to the injury.

Recovery from injury

If you recover from your injury and your doctor releases you back to work, then you no longer qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. This includes if your doctor releases you to return with restrictions and your employer allows you to return to work. If your employer allows you to return to light duty, but you refuse to do so, then you will lose your benefits. You will have to sign a form acknowledging the end of your benefits due to returning to work.


If you feel your benefits ended too soon, then you can request a hearing. The commissioners will review your case and issue a ruling. You must submit a hearing request form and pay a filing fee to request a hearing about the ending of your benefits.

You also can request a hearing if your doctor releases you to light duty but you feel that you cannot handle the work even with restrictions.