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What do you know about independent medical exams?

After sustaining an on-the-clock injury at your South Carolina-based workplace, you learn you must undergo an independent medical exam. What do you know about IMEs and how to prepare for them?

IME Care Center explores IMEs and what you should expect. Protect your workers’ compensation claim while learning more about your rights.

Defining the IME

Perhaps your employer wants you to undergo an IME because of a disagreement on how your workplace accident happened or the extent of your injuries. The point of the exam is to gather more medical information from a third-party, independent physician. That means you cannot have your regular physician perform your IME. Further, you do not have the standard doctor-patient confidentiality with the doctor you see for your exam. That means you should act as though what you say to the impartial physician eventually gets back to your employer, because it may.

Preparing for the IME

In the days leading to your exam, gather all medical documents related to your workplace injury. You may also want to rehearse the details you share with the independent examiner, so you offer concise and precise responses. Prepare for inquiries about how the accident happened, medications and treatments you currently take for the injury, symptoms experienced and your current health. Just like you would with any doctor’s appointment, arrive early for your IME. Throughout the entire examination, do not lie or “fudge the truth,” as doing so may jeopardize your claim. Cooperate as much as possible so you do not impede your recovery.

Hopefully, your IME goes well and you feel better about your workers’ comp claim afterward. You deserve proper care after suffering harm.