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Is this a sign of a TBI?

If you know someone who has suffered a blow to the head, you need to keep an eye out for potential signs of a brain injury. These often accompany head injuries and can put the victim at great personal risk.

In particular, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can have a hugely dangerous or even deadly impact. Thus, it is crucial to understand what the indicative red flags are.

Physical red flags

Mayo Clinic explains what a traumatic brain injury is and how to identify it. First, listen to the victim. If they are in a state where they can communicate clearly, they will likely have physical complaints. For example, they may complain of a headache that worsens over time. They may feel nauseous or dizzy. They could experience tingling or numbness especially in the hands and feet.

Even if they cannot communicate, this could also act as a red flag. Are they slipping in and out of consciousness? Do they seem to have fallen comatose? Keep an eye out for clear fluid leaking from the ears or nose, too. Unevenly dilated pupils may also point to potential issues.

Behavioral warning signs

Their behavior might indicate a TBI even if they do not otherwise verbally point one out, too. TBI victims often suffer from severe confusion or disorientation. They also exhibit aggressive or distressed behavior. They may lash out at those around them, refuse medical service or have emotional breakdowns.

Memory issues also happen often. A victim may not remember how they got to the scene of the accident or what they were doing. They likely will not remember the accident itself. Any of these signs point to the need for immediate medical attention to limit possible long-term damage.