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How dangerous are slip-and-fall accidents?

When you think of slip-and-falls, you may think of minor accidents. In many cases, a slip-and-fall may result in a bruise, at most. However, these accidents may also be more dangerous.

According to the CDC, millions of people over 65 suffer from slip-and-fall accidents every year. For many people, a slip-and-fall causes more damage than most originally thought.

Complications after a fall

There are many complications you could suffer if you fall. An accident can make it difficult for you to move around or perform daily tasks. For older people, TBIs from a fall can be more dangerous than for a young person.

Additionally, some people suffer mental health effects after a fall. Older adults may fear falling and become homebodies to counter the risk. When older adults become less active, they also become weaker and increase their chance of a slip-and-fall accident.

Damages after a fall

One out of every five falls results in a serious injury. These injuries may include head injuries or broken bones. The most common of these broken bones tend to be the hip. For older adults, about 3,000,000 have to go to the emergency room for treatment after a fall.

In addition to hip fractures, slip-and-fall accidents are the most common cause of a TBI. In general, the cost for falls is more than $50 billion every year.

If you have lower body weakness, a vitamin D deficiency, vision problems or any other condition that makes you prone to falling, you need to take extra care to avoid accidents. Most serious injuries happen to those with multiple risk factors.