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Reversing vehicles pose a risk to construction workers

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers on construction sites may know that they should not walk in front of a moving vehicle. However, reversing vehicles can also harm people. If people do not take the proper precautions on construction sites, they may become involved in a backover accident.

If drivers do not see workers behind the vehicle, they may accidentally run over their colleagues. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says that these incidents are backover accidents. They may occur when workers walk into the path of a reversing vehicle. If the backup alarms are not functional, people may not realize that a driver is trying to go in reverse. Additionally, some drivers may not always look behind them before backing up because they do not realize that there are other people in the area. A vehicle’s blind spots may also keep drivers from seeing workers who are behind the vehicle.

Are there measures to prevent backover incidents?

There are a few guidelines that people have to follow on construction sites. Safety and Health magazine says that OSHA requires construction vehicles to have backup alarms. If drivers work with a spotter, they should not reverse the vehicle until the spotter gives them a signal to back up. However, these measures do not always prevent backover accidents. People may not always hear a backup alarm over the noise of the construction site. Additionally, spotters may become involved in a backover incident if they accidentally step into the path of another vehicle.

Are there other ways to prevent these accidents?

Construction sites may need additional measures to protect their workers. Project managers may want to make sure that each vehicle has a rearview camera. They may also want to pair these devices with a proximity detector. A detector can light upon the vehicle’s mirrors so that drivers know if someone has stepped behind the vehicle.

If people put the necessary measures in place, they can protect their workers from reversing vehicles.

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