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What are the dangers of eating while driving?

Most Americans are aware that drunk driving is a crime for a good reason. Additionally, most drivers know that distractions like cell phones can cause serious accidents on the roads. However, some forms of distracted driving are a lot more innocuous-seeming than driving under the influence of a substance or looking away from the road to update social media.

Tens of thousands of Americans are eating behind the wheel of their automobile every day. While this may not seem like a dangerous activity, the numbers prove otherwise. According to Decide to Drive, eating while driving can increase your risk of a crash by nearly 40%.

What foods are dangerous?

Eating anything while driving is a distraction. However, it is also the case that some foods are more likely to appear at crash sites than others. For instance, common foods involved in crashes include powdered and jelly-filled donuts, coffee, tacos, soups and soft drinks.

It is vital to remember that correlation is not causation. Many of these foods are easy to obtain from rest stop vending machines and drive-thru eateries. If you elected to eat a leg of lamb while driving, that would not make the action any safer.

How can I cut back on eating while driving?

One way is to give yourself more time in the mornings. Many Americans end up eating breakfast in their vehicles due to a lack of time. Setting your alarm clock 10 minutes earlier in the morning may give you the time you need to eat at home. Planning ahead can help you avoid disaster and serious injury.