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A fall from a ladder, a broken shoulder and workers’ compensation

Perhaps you have worked as a roofing contractor for years and never experienced injuries more serious than a bruised knee and an ankle sprain.

However, your recent fall from a ladder left you with a broken shoulder. What are the next steps in filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits?

Seeking medical attention

A broken shoulder is painful and debilitating and you must seek prompt medical attention. This kind of injury often requires surgery followed by weeks of physical therapy. This means that you will also be out of work for some time until your shoulder has healed sufficiently for you to return to your job.

Notifying your employer

You should report the incident and your work-related injury to your supervisor promptly. He or she will likely have a workers’ compensation claim form for you to complete. The information to provide will include the date and location; the type of injury you sustained; how it occurred; any other parties involved in the incident and the medical treatment you received.

Anticipating benefits

In the state of South Carolina, you have 90 days in which to notify your employer of a work-related injury. However, it is wise to report an injury as soon as possible. The shoulder structure is complex and a significant injury to this area of the body may keep you out of work for weeks if not months. You have a right to expect workers’ compensation benefits to cover your medical expenses including the costs associated with rehabilitation, a percentage of your wages and payment for temporary disability.