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What should I know about workers’ comp laws in South Carolina?

Most employers in South Carolina must have workers’ compensation insurance in case one of their staff suffers from work-related injuries. According to the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission, injured employees have certain rights and obligations when seeking compensation.

Having a good understanding of the law can help you pursue the appropriate amount of compensation. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

When should I report an injury?

While you should notify a supervisor of the injury as soon as possible, you have a total of 90 days to notify your employer. If you fail to do so in that time period, you might not receive benefits. When it comes to filing a work injury claim, you have two years to submit documents. In most cases, your employer will file documents on your behalf.

What kind of treatments can I receive?

Your employer will select a doctor to provide your treatment, and you must attend sessions with this doctor in order to receive benefits. The doctor can recommend medications, surgical procedures, hospitalization, medical devices, and other treatments in order to restore your health. If you want to see another doctor, you must receive permission from the insurance provider or request a hearing.

Will I get compensation immediately?

Workers receive compensation after spending seven consecutive days not working as a result of their injuries. After 14 consecutive days have passed, the worker will receive compensation for the seven-day waiting period. Workers receive payments that are 66 2/3 percent of their normal weekly income based on wages for the preceding four quarters.

Benefits end when the doctor releases you back to work. Workers can also get released to light duty. If pay ranges differ, the light-duty worker will receive benefits to supplement it.