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Speeding increases the odds of severe injuries during a crash

Whether you become hurt due to a drunk driver or a drowsy driver falls asleep behind the wheel and slams into your vehicle, you need to remain alert when driving and look out for negligent drivers. Unfortunately, avoiding accidents brought on by the carelessness of others is often difficult, especially when they travel at high speeds.

Every year, speeding results in the loss of many lives and causes even more people to sustain serious injuries. It is vital for drivers to understand the prevalence and impact of speeding.

Speeding and severe injuries

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that speeding increases the severity of traffic accidents and that more victims sustain serious injuries when crashes take place at high speeds. Additionally, protective equipment becomes less effective during high-speed accidents. When drivers go too fast, it is harder for them to bring their vehicles to a stop and avoid a collision. Likewise, other drivers have more difficulty avoiding speeding vehicles.

Drivers speed for many reasons

Sometimes, drivers go over the speed limit accidentally, without realizing that they are driving too fast. In other instances, drivers have no regard for the law or the safety of others. Road rage and aggressive driving also cause many speed-related accidents. Many drivers speed because they worry about being late for work or missing important appointments.

There is no excuse for speeding, and when this reckless behavior causes innocent people to suffer significant injuries, drivers who fail to respect traffic safety guidelines must answer. If a speeding driver caused you to suffer a serious injury, do not stay silent.