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When will your benefits come to an end?

You will often receive workers’ compensation benefits if you end up suffering from an injury during a workplace accident. However, in many cases, these benefits will have an expiration period. Other benefits will last for months or even years, depending on the severity of your injury.

Thus, it is crucial for you to know when your specific benefits may come to an end. This will allow you to plan your life appropriately and not end up in a tricky financial situation.

Doctor’s release back to work

The Workers’ Compensation Commission for South Carolina takes a look at the timeline for your benefits. First, understand that “benefits” in this situation refer to any sort of wage compensation. This does not include medical benefits, which will often continue as long as you need to seek medical treatment for your injury or injuries.

Thus, in this scenario, your benefits will often end once you recover enough to return to work. A doctor must first see you and release you back to work after determining that your injury has healed to a point that it will no longer interfere with your ability to do your job. After this point, you are not considered qualified for workers’ compensation benefits anymore.

What about release with restrictions?

This also applies in situations where your doctor only releases you for a return with restrictions, as long as your employer also okays your return. You will lose your benefits if you refuse an employer’s request to return to light duty. You must also sign a form stating that you acknowledge the end of your benefits once you return to work.

However, if you think your benefits ended too soon, you can request a hearing. You may also do this if you think your doctor released you to light duty too early.