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What are the signs of brain trauma after an accident?

A severe blow to the head can leave you with injuries that can become worse over time. Whether you are in a car crash or dealing with a motorcycle accident, you may begin to notice odd mental changes.

Learning about the signs of brain trauma can help you decide what steps to take next after an accident.

Mental fog

According to the Mayo Clinic, you may struggle to concentrate on everyday tasks in the time following the accident. This kind of mental fogginess can extend to how long you sleep, since you may find it hard to get a full night’s sleep or stay asleep while napping.

You may notice an increase in irritability as these symptoms continue. Not all signs of brain trauma are obvious immediately after an injury.

Trouble with conversations

Other people in your life could begin to notice signs that you are unable to hold a normal conversation. Some common problems include struggling to follow or answer questions and an increase in confusion over basic ideas. You may forget when events happened or important details that you should remember.

Being unable to articulate your thoughts can also leave you unable to properly communicate. This can harm your mental health, since you may also not understand nonverbal cues and emotions.

Mood swings

Brain injuries can leave you feeling more depressed or sluggish than you typically feel. You may not notice this change at first, but your feelings of anger and irritation can increase as time goes on.

Your risk-taking behavior may also increase since you become less aware of your own level of self-control. Noticing these changes in yourself can help you choose what to do if you are struggling with brain trauma.