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How can bad habits lead to a truck accident?

Although bad weather may slow you down, one issue that you may not notice at first is avoiding distractions on the road.

As you continue to drive your truck on fast lanes or back roads, keeping in mind the ways that distractions and bad habits occur can help you.

Using communication devices

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, reaching over to pick up a cell phone or a dispatching device can lead to a crash in a matter of seconds. Although it may seem safe to talk to someone else while operating a truck, your reaction time is significantly shorter when your eyes are off the road.

This time includes being able to fully stop the truck if an obstacle or other vehicle turns suddenly in front of you. Having both hands on the wheel and staying attentive to any surrounding vehicles includes putting away devices that can cause you to look down or think about topics that do not relate to driving.

Eating and drinking

Whether you are opening a sandwich bag or trying to put a straw in your drink, opening food in a truck as you steer can be tough. Since you sit higher up than someone in a car, you may not be able to see smaller motorcycles trying to change lanes near you.

Getting used to eating while driving can leave you at risk of sideswiping or running into a motorcycle or car. This issue is worse when it is later in the day or at night, since the darker it is outside, the worse the visibility is. Planning ahead and practicing good habits while driving a truck can help you stay safe.