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When should you go back to work after an injury?

A workplace injury can displace you for quite some time. As your recovery progresses, you could feel a desire to return to work as soon as possible.

Assessing when to return will require the input of your medical team, your employer and yourself. Taking your time to make a decision can give you the confidence to do what feels best for you.

Physical strength

Your physical condition will definitely impact how soon you can go back to work. Severe injuries might require months to recover from. Even once your doctor clears you to return to your job, you might still not have full clearance to perform your responsibilities at a maximum. You can discuss the possibility of accommodations with your employer. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, some examples of workplace accommodations include the following:

Mental support

Having to take so much time off of work can impact your motivation and your mental health. Even if you have not recovered completely, you might have the chance to negotiate something with your employer. Even if it is only doing simple tasks via telecommunication. One thing that could help is to make goals for your recovery. Share your goals with people who care about you. As you reach your goals, celebrate the accomplishments. Regularly inform your employer of your progress and express a desire to return to work.

Getting back to work may improve your morale and help you reduce the repercussions of your injury on your career. With the support of your employer, returning to the workplace after an injury is something you can look forward to.