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Negligent driving during bad weather

Reckless driving is always dangerous, but you are even more likely to become involved in an accident if you encounter a negligent driver when weather conditions are poor. Every year, these accidents cause many victims to sustain debilitating injuries, and some lose their lives. From fog to heavy rain, different types of weather can increase the chances of a crash.

Additionally, Irresponsible driving behaviors are especially hazardous in inclement weather, such as speeding and using a phone behind the wheel.

The Federal Highway Administration goes over some of the ways that bad weather can cause traffic accidents. For example, rain can adversely affect a driver’s behavior as well as traction, while fog and strong winds can negatively impact visibility. Speed variance, debris on the road and other hazards also arise when weather conditions deteriorate.

The FHWA reports that almost 1,235,000 weather-related traffic accidents take place each year and that these accidents cause over 418,000 people to suffer injuries on an annual basis, based on estimates. A majority of weather-related crashes take place on slick roads and when it is raining.

Traffic accidents due to reckless driving in bad weather

In addition to inclement weather, when a driver fails to abide by traffic safety guidelines they become a hazard to everyone else on the road. For example, if someone goes too fast around a sharp turn when the road is slick, the chances of a collision increase. Also, distracted drivers could collide with vehicles in front of them when they do not pay attention to the road and it is foggy.

If you suffered an injury because of a driver’s recklessness during poor weather, carefully evaluate your options.