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Am I responsible for the drugs my friend has in my car?

Drug charges are a serious offense, and you might find yourself accountable for the actions of others on account of their drug use. If you own a car, you may not always be in control of what comes inside it when you give your friends a ride.

The drug laws in South Carolina could see you paying hefty fines or facing imprisonment for a first offense. Whether you put them in there or not, having illegal substances in your vehicle is a big deal.

Figuring out responsibility

When it comes to drug laws, everyone bears some responsibility when drugs exist in a vehicle. Even if you have no knowledge about the substance and it never physically touched your person, you could face an arrest and charges of illegal drug possession. In some cases, you face a constructive possession charge. This charge is from law enforcement who believes you are in possession of drugs without them being under your direct physical control. Ownership of the vehicle where drugs exist indicates a level of responsibility.

Deciding what to do

A constructive possession drug charge is complex. The reality of the charge is that you may face consequences for a crime you did not commit. Unlike actual possession charges, where police discovered drugs in your pocket or your bag, constructive possession can turn an innocent bystander into a convicted criminal.

Be proactive against a possible drug charge by setting boundaries for your friends or any other passengers in your car. Stand up for your record and freedom by saying no to peer pressure and avoiding any compromising situations.