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Does South Carolina workers’ compensation cover mental health?

If you have suffered a mental injury and you believe your job is to blame, you are probably wondering if workers’ compensation will pay for you to receive treatment to heal the injury.

South Carolina workers’ compensation law clearly outlines the criteria required to receive coverage for mental health injuries and addresses the questions you may have.

Are mental injuries covered under South Carolina workers’ compensation?

According to South Carolina workers’ compensation law, a mental injury or illness is eligible for workers’ compensation if you can prove that the work conditions that caused it were extraordinary or unusual and that the injury is directly related to those work conditions. If you suffered a mental injury that meets these criteria in addition to a covered physical injury, you may receive compensation for both injuries simultaneously.

When are mental injuries not covered?

If you suffer a mental injury while on the job in South Carolina, but it results from a standard condition of employment, it is likely not covered by workers’ compensation. For example, if you experience significant stress over whether you will receive a promotion, pay raise or transfer, these are not covered scenarios because they are common for a workplace and do not fall into the category of extraordinary or unusual employment conditions.

You have rights under the law. If your mental health injury resulted from work conditions that were not normal, workers’ compensation may cover treatment for the injury. Do not waste time finding out if you are eligible.