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How do back injuries emotionally affect someone?

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Back injuries are a common issue across the world. In fact, the number one reason for workers missing work days involves back injuries.

But these injuries can have more than just a physical toll on a sufferer. They can easily have an emotional impact, too.

Mental health and physical pain

The International Association for the Study of Pain discusses the impact of back injuries in an emotional capacity.

First, the study examines the well-established relationship between pain and mental health. In particular, chronic pain has a long history with mental health. Many studies show the ties between issues like depression and anxiety, and chronic physical pain.

The level of chronic pain may differ from person to person, with some experiencing severe and debilitating pain on a constant level and others experiencing something milder. The duration of chronic pain differs, too.

Generally speaking, the longer the pain lasts and the more intense it is, the worse a person’s mental health may become. It is difficult for many people to remain positive in the light of their body constantly feeling unpleasant or painful.

Chronic pain changes people

People may even find their personalities changing as a result of chronic pain. People may feel more pessimistic or negative, struggling to find things to look forward to when the future looks clouded with the uncertainty of more pain.

Many also struggle to maintain a social life, finding it too difficult to keep up with social obligations and ties when also dealing with pain. Thus, it impacts almost every aspect of a pain-sufferers life in big ways.

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