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What should you know about severe injuries?

Experiencing a severe injury can change your life in significant ways. You may lose mobility, suffer TBI symptoms or face long-term disability.

The adjustment to living with a severe injury will take time and require the support of those around you. A well-rounded treatment plan might optimize your recovery and give you the greatest chance at living a good life.

Identifying severe injuries

Inherent risks are a part of most things you do each day from driving a car to working at your job. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, severe injuries are the most prevalent cause of death for people aged 1-44 in the United States. Traumatic injuries include severe burns, damage to internal organs, brain injuries, blindness, limb loss, deafness and spinal cord injuries.

Coping with a life-changing injury

Depending on the situation, your injury may impact your ability to live an independent life. You might now lack the ability to work or care for yourself at all. You may need to rely on the people around you to accomplish simple daily tasks. Grappling with these changes can cause severe angst and mental illness.

To cope with a life-changing injury, you will need to ask for help and seek support from people who care about you. Consider therapy to help you learn coping mechanisms. Stay in contact with your health care team to modify your treatment plan as your condition changes. Learn about your condition and the probability of recovery. Join a support group.

A severe injury can change your life from what you have always known, but there are ways to overcome your newfound limitations so you can continue to enjoy life to its fullest.