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4 ways people justify drunk driving

Driving while under the influence is not just a serious criminal charge in South Carolina. It is also a dangerous practice. Many people try to talk law enforcement out of a ticket or arrest by giving them a creative excuse or explaining why the DUI happened.

According to the law, excuses will not work and you will face the consequences. If you have more than one DUI on your record, making the following excuses repeatedly could indicate something more troubling to deal with.

I only had two drinks

While alcohol affects everyone differently, the law is clear about your blood alcohol content level. Never guess how sober or affected you are.

I live close so I can make it home okay

One person dies every 39 minutes from a drunk driving accident. There is no guarantee of your safety or anyone else on the road when you drive intoxicated.

I do not have the money for a cab or an Uber

What you will spend on a ride home is much cheaper than what you will pay in a DUI fine. Your first offense could cost $400 and time in jail.

My last drink was hours ago, so I am fine

The way the body metabolizes alcohol varies from one person to the next. You may assume you are clear to drive but how well you function has no bearing on what your actual BAC is.

Making excuses for driving intoxicated will not help your case. In fact, thinking that you could get away with a DUI may only encourage you to drive drunk. Never guess at your BAC. When in doubt, get a ride home.