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Can a drug arrest get you expelled from college?

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2023 | Blog, Drug Crimes |

Facing a drug arrest while enrolled in college in South Carolina can potentially have significant consequences on your education. Colleges and universities in South Carolina enforce strict drug laws and have zero-tolerance policies when it comes to drug-related offenses on their campuses.

Learn more about the potential impact of a drug arrest and then familiarize yourself with your institution’s policies if you have ore questions.

Zero-tolerance policies

Colleges and universities in South Carolina maintain zero-tolerance policies to ensure a safe and drug-free environment for their students, faculty and staff. Under these policies, students arrested for drug offenses, regardless of the location, may face disciplinary action from their respective institutions.

Disciplinary actions

In response to a drug arrest, South Carolina colleges may implement various disciplinary actions based on the severity of the offense and their specific policies. These actions may include:

  • Suspension: Less severe cases may result in temporary suspension, requiring students to leave campus for a designated period. Before readmission, they may need to fulfill specific requirements.
  • Expulsion: More serious drug-related offenses can lead to expulsion, which means termination of enrollment at the college. Expulsion typically results in a permanent bar from attending the institution.
  • Mandatory rehabilitation or counseling: In certain instances, colleges may mandate drug rehabilitation or counseling as a condition for students to continue their enrollment. This approach aims to address underlying issues related to drug use and provide support for personal and academic growth.

Drug-related offenses can also impact a student’s eligibility for scholarships, grants or other forms of financial aid.

Institutional policies

Familiarizing yourself with your college’s policies regarding drug offenses is necessary to comprehend the potential consequences you may face. Institutional policies and disciplinary procedures are typically outlined in student handbooks or codes of conduct.

Prioritizing your education and personal well-being involves staying informed, seeking support when needed and making wise decisions to avoid involvement in drug-related activities that could lead to severe consequences.

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