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Are drug charges dismissed when you complete drug court?

A South Carolina drug conviction might mean jail or prison time, steep fines and any number of other serious consequences. However, in some cases, you may be able to avoid many of these consequences – and potentially have your drug charge dismissed – by enrolling in and completing drug court in Berkeley County.

Per the Berkeley County Adult Drug Court, enrolling in adult drug court may be possible if you meet certain eligibility requirements and have a genuine desire to put your substance dependency in the past. If you enter into the program, you must pay court fees, attend court sessions, hold down a full-time job and, if applicable, pay restitution to any victims of the crime for which you face charges.

Who may be eligible

You may be able to enroll in drug court in Berkeley County if you have pending criminal charges or probation violations and a history of substance abuse. If you gain entry into the program, you also have to issue a guilty plea to the charge you face, although you may not face the same repercussions associated with a guilty plea if you complete drug court successfully

What happens afterward

Upon your successful completion of drug court, the criminal charge you face typically undergoes dismissal. If you entered into the program while you had criminal charges pending, you may be eligible for a record expungement.

Completing drug court has the potential to do more than just impact your criminal case in a positive way. It may, too, help you overcome your substance dependency and regain control of your life.