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How can other coworkers put you in danger on a scaffold?

Scaffolds are essential tools on construction sites, providing a platform for workers to perform tasks at heights. While scaffolds help with efficiency, they also have potential dangers, including risks from coworkers.

Awareness of these potential hazards is important in a safe work environment.

Bad communication

1 in 5 workplace deaths in 2020 happened in the construction industry. Communication is important on any job site but it is especially true when working on scaffolds.

When coworkers fail to communicate properly, it can lead to accidents. For instance, if one worker does not alert others about adjustments made to the scaffold’s height or structure, it could result in a sudden collapse.


A distracted coworker can cause trouble on a scaffold. Even a moment of distraction can lead to missteps, resulting in falls or accidents. Conversations, phone use or any form of distraction is unsafe for people on a scaffold.

Strange and dangerous usage of equipment

Misusing scaffold equipment is a serious safety concern. If a coworker removes or changes parts of the scaffold, it may weaken the structure and lead to a collapse. It is important for all team members to have training in scaffold assembly, use and dismantling.

Overloaded scaffolding

Every scaffold has a designated weight capacity. When your coworkers load the platform with equipment beyond its limit, they harm the stability of the scaffold. This could lead to collapses, risking injuries to everyone on or around the scaffold.

Following all safety rules is the key to a secure work environment. If your coworkers ignore the people around them, you may struggle with an injury after a serious collapse or incident.