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Underage drunk driving in South Carolina

Drunk driving charges can lead to serious penalties, and it is especially important to understand how strict the laws are for those under 21 if you have not reached the legal drinking age. From the loss of your driving privileges to financial penalties and...

How does alcohol affect driving ability?

All motorists must conduct themselves safely on the road to avoid accidents. This is especially crucial when it comes to alcohol, as even a relatively small amount can negatively impact a person's driving ability. That is why you must understand how many drinks it...

Can you avoid a sobriety checkpoint?

Sobriety checkpoints often feel startling when you come across them without expecting them. Considering most states do not require police to set up advance warning, this happens quite often. You may wonder, if you see a surprise sobriety checkpoint, can you actually...

Drunk driving charges and previous offenses

If you are facing a drunk driving case, you could have many questions and worry about how the outcome of the case will impact your future. If you are in college or recently started your career, these allegations could deal a devastating blow, not only in the short...

How do DUI costs break down?

When South Carolina law enforcement charges motorists with drunk driving, they may wonder how to structure their finances to account for DUI costs. Knowing those costs allows for a well-structured budget. U.S. News & World Report reviews common DUI fees. With a...

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