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What are the symptoms and treatment of SCI?

During a motor vehicle accident, you may have sustained catastrophic injuries. Acute spinal cord injuries, for example, can change the course of your life. SCIs can cause permanent disability and are often life-threatening. According to John Hopkins Medicine, vertebrae make…

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A collision-related aortic tear is a medical emergency

According to state data, someone sustains an injury in a traffic accident every 8.7 minutes in the Palmetto State. Car crashes on South Carolina’s many roadways also claim a life roughly every 9 hours. While any automobile accident has the…

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How safe are pedestrians and bicyclists in South Carolina?

Walking, running and riding a bicycle are known to be good forms of activity for a person to remain healthy. These activities have seen an increase in popularity over the last several years. Unfortunately, people in South Carolina who enjoy…

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How do brain injuries affect personality?

South Carolina residents who get into wrecks may end up facing traumatic injury. Brain injuries are common among them. Many people who suffer from brain injuries know that it manifests in different ways. Today, we will focus on how brain…

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3 major organs that you may injure in a car accident

In South Carolina, you can drive 75 miles per hour on interstate highways without getting a speeding ticket. While fast speeds help you reach your destination quickly, they also contribute to serious car accidents. In general terms, the faster your…

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