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How should you answer questions about your conviction?

After serving your sentence behind bars in South Carolina, you have been released and are looking forward to a hopeful future. While in jail, you took advantage of programs and resources that were provided to you to give you opportunities to establish core competencies and gain valuable job skills. Now, you have a job interview, but you are worried about what will happen if you are asked questions about your criminal past. 

Deadly fall from scaffolding claims 2 lives

People who work in the construction industry in South Carolina face a unique set of risks each day when to go to work. Some of these risks include falls, electrocution and the danger of being struck by debris or crushed by heavy machinery among other things. Their ability to perform their tasks safely and reduce their risk of being injured is highly dependent on their decision to follow safety protocols that have been outlined by their employer.

Reducing the risk of falls from happening in the home

Sometimes, tripping and falling is inevitable when obstructions seemingly appear out of nowhere and leave a person little time to react or move out of the way. In fact, slip and fall accidents can happen at home, at work and even at the grocery store. When people in South Carolina are aware of the hazards that can increase the risk of falling, they can be better educated to make informed decisions that will protect them and the people around them. 

How to make motorcycles more noticeable on the road

The major dilemma for motorcycles as they share a South Carolina road with other vehicles is how to remain noticed in the eyes of nearby motorists. Due to the small size of motorcycles, many drivers may not be aware of them as they approach. While all drivers should be vigilant for vehicles around them to avoid potential auto accidents, motorcyclists can improve their visibility in several ways.

Methods that can be used to prevent drunk driving accidents

You have recently taken your teenager to get his license and are sharing his excitement for the newfound freedom of being able to get himself too and from school and other commitments. However, there is always the lingering concern that irresponsibility or a moment of weakness may result in dangerous errors such as the decision to drive while under the influence. At George B. Bishop, JR. P.A., we have helped many victims of drunk driving accidents in South Carolina to recover from legal consequences. 

Symptoms that require medical attention after a car accident

When people are involved in a minor car accident in South Carolina, they may be medically discharged right at the scene of the crash. In the days and weeks following their accident, symptoms that they begin experiencing could be easy to discredit as something they would occasionally experience anyway. However, non-visible injuries in a car accident could be difficult to detect, and if people do not pay attention to the way they are feeling in the months after their accident, they could put themselves at risk of suffering an even worse injury. 

Suggestions for staying safe on your motorcycle

If you own a motorcycle in South Carolina, you are probably familiar with the thrill and enjoyment that riding in the open air has to offer. As a motorcyclist, you are accustomed to a unique set of risks that can sometimes be significantly dangerous if you do not understand how to protect yourself. At George B. Bishop, Jr. P.A., we are familiar with the challenges that bikers face and have been able to help many individuals who have been involved in accidents. 

Is there a distracted driver in your midst?

Have you ever been driving along a South Carolina highway and suddenly realize that your mind has wandered away from the road for a few seconds? Perhaps you were mulling over a recent disagreement you had with your spouse or scrolling through the virtual checklist in your mind regarding several other commitments you still had left to fulfill in your day? No matter what caused you to lose track of thought, it was likely a very disconcerting feeling to realize you'd been daydreaming behind the wheel.

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